AH-002: Business for Freelance Designers

This online, zoom-based course will cover the ins and outs of setting up your own business, working as a freelancer under the new and changing tax codes, negotiating skills, and other parts of our life that are not generally covered in designer training.

This course will consist of Eight (8) 2-hour Sessions meeting on Wednesdays from June 9-July 28 8pm-10pm, UTC-4 (EDT).

This course is designed for ALL freelance design professionals

Price: Register for a single session for $115

Amith Chandrashaker and Guests

Photo: Fairview at the Soho Rep, Scenic Design by Mimi Lien, Costume Design by Montana Levi Blanco, Lighting by faculty member Amith Chandrashaker, Pictured: MaYaa Boateng as Keisha, Photograph by Julieta Cervantes

  1. June 9: 8pm-10pm UTC-4 (EDT):Introduction to the Course and Employment status (independent contractor vs employee) and intellectual property vs. Work for Hire
  2. June 16: 8pm-10pm UTC-4 (EDT):Contracts and collective bargaining agreements with special guest Mickey Rolfe
  3. June 23: 8pm-10pm UTC-4 (EDT):Negotiating Skills and Hiring an Agent with special guest Russ Rosensweig
  4. June 30: 8pm-10pm UTC-4 (EDT):Financial record keeping and special financial issues that come up for us as freelancers with Guest Tax Preparer: Scott Rodabaugh from Premiere Tax and Financial Services
  5. July 7: 8pm-10pm UTC-4 (EDT):Branding yourself as a designer – resumes, social media presence, and websites with guest Irene Byrne Ohl of Pivot2
  6. July 14: 8pm-10pm UTC-4 (EDT):Knowing your worth, managing your time, and learning how to say no with special guest Kimie Nishikawa and Alejandro Fajardo
  7. July 21: 8pm-10pm UTC-4 (EDT):Benefits: healthcare, saving for Retirement, and other life events with Holly Raye and Marsha Webb
  8. July 28: 8pm-10pm UTC-4 (EDT):You as a Business (LLCs, Corporations, and Design Firms) with guests Al Crawford and Deirdra Govan
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photograph of "Fairview" Soho Rep, Lighting by Amith Chandrashaker

Course Faculty

photograph of Amith Chandrashaker

Amith Chandrashaker

Advisor, Summer 2021 Faculty
photograph of Irene Ohl

Irene Byrne Ohl

Russ Rosensweig

Russ Rosensweig

Guest Faculty, Summer 2021
Kimie Nishikawa

Kimie Nishikawa

Guest Faculty, Summer 2021
Alejandro Fajardo

Alejandro Fajardo

Guest Faculty, Summer 2021
photograph of Al Crawford

Al Crawford