Photo: “Splendid Isolation II”, ballet by Jessica Lang for Ailey II, Costume Design by Elena Comendador, Lighting by advisor Al Crawford Pictured: Fana Tesfagiogis, Photograph by: Pierre Wachholder

Who are you?

    We are a group of designer/educators from the wide ranging fields of theatrical and entertainment design, including the architecture, concert and themed entertainment industries.

Why are you doing this?

    We see the need for a new kind of learning, one that encompasses life-long education in our industries, to provide resilience, expansion, greater skills, and a new way to come together as a community.

What makes you different and special?

    1. We founded the school on three groundbreaking principles that guide us in our decisions: The design world is constantly expanding in new directions. That world needs people who can tell stories with design and who have the skills to implement those stories with a 21st Century forward set of tools. We Believe there is a Need to create diversity in the field. We provide alternatives and life-long additions to traditional training pathways in the profession.

Studio School of Design

    1. is an interdependent community of practice where experiential learning is embedded into a curriculum of design storytelling. We celebrate a full range of human cultural expression and identity, and we especially support those who are and have previously been marginalized or excluded from the design professions. We see lighting design as a creative artform and are deeply invested in the potential of telling


    diverse and inclusive human stories through the medium of light.

Where are you located and how are you handling Covid restrictions?

    1. The school is centered in New York City, however we offer online and in-person classes to people from all around the world. We believe strongly that rebalancing the entertainment design profession’s diversity and equity balance is urgent.
    1. Any in-person classes at Studio School of Design require proof of vaccination and will require masking.


    1. Each course is different. The range for all sessions within one course is: $200-$1200.
    All of our classes will be low-cost. We are actively seeking funding sources all the time to subsidize the cost of tuition so that cost is never a barrier to our classes.
    We also offer fee reductions based on need:


    A key component of the Studio School of Design is our ability to offer low cost or no cost training to individuals who will help us create an entertainment design community that reflects the global majority and who can show economic need.

How do I apply for a course?

    Fill out the information on the course registration page at each course listing.

How do I get more information?

    You can contact us directly with your question by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll keep you in the loop as information goes live.

What courses do you have planned for 2022?

    We are working on expanding our curriculum offerings for 2022 and beyond. Is there a course that you would like to take? Please let us know and we can talk about it.

When will your full curriculum be in place?

    We are in a period of rapid expansion. We see the school as a constantly evolving institution that is maximally responsive to the immediate needs of the design community. We hope to have a full two-year curriculum in place starting in Fall 2022.

I’m interested in becoming a member of your faculty?

    That’s great! Please contact us here and let us know what you can bring to our community.

I have some ideas for some new courses!

    That’s amazing! We’re always looking for creative ideas for the needs of the community. Please contact us here and let us know about your ideas.