Supporters and Luminarians

Thank you so much to all the folks who have supported and are supporting this community-based program.

2021 Luminarians

$10,000 and above:

Pat MacKay

Clifton Taylor & Peter Vincent

$5,000 and above:

The Lighting Design Group

Yael Mandelstam & Ken Tabachnick

Mark & Crista Stanley

$3,000 and above:

George B. Walker

$1,000 and above:

Roger Gindi & Gregory Victor

PiVot² & Irene Byrne Ohl

Lisa & Dan Peterson

Linda Shelton

Art Stanley

$500 and above:

Ken Posner

Steve & Betty Terry

$200 and above:

Kerry & Richard Bessey

Brian Carroll & Richard McCune

Abigail Rosen Holmes √

Andrew Swartz

$100 and above:

Al Crawford √

Maxine Glorsky

James Ingalls

Josephine Marquez √

Heather McAvoy & Bruce Krempetz

Jack & Marquerrite Mehler

Holly Raye √

Steven Rosen √

Kendall & Kathryn Smith

Lisa Strout & Jim Tabor

Marsha Webb √

Donations under $100:

Richard & Tina Allen

Deborah & Fred Beuttler

RJ Coleman

Josefa Concannon

Steven Filenbaum & Matthew Woolfe

Brackley Freyer

Joseph Naftal Lighting Design LLC

Jacqueline Tien

Judy Williams & Lene Larsen


√ in kind donation